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Christian Fest

Christian Fest is founder and managing partner of Landpoint Corporate Finance. Between 1992 und 2004 he was employed by the WestLB Group in the area of M&A and was responsible for the German M&A business as of 2000. During this time, he led numerous national and cross-border transactions und privatizations. Prior to this, he was with Citibank in Frankfurt and New York with emphasis on structuring of corporate finance transactions. He studied at the University of Aachen and the University of Trier, where he attained his master's degree in business administration.


Tillman Bronner

Dr. Tillmann Bronner is managing partner of Landpoint Corporate Finance. Amongst others, he focuses on transactions between Europe and North America. Previously, he was with WestLB Group in the M&A area, last active as head of the North American M&A team based in New York. Before, he worked with Metallgesellschaft AG for several years, his last function there being head of corporate development of the trading division. Tillmann studied business administration at Frankfurt University and has a doctorate from the University of Munich.