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When visiting our offices we offer you the free use of the parking facilities in our office complex, the Friedrich Carré.


Entrance parking garage Dorotheenstrasse 56

Please use the entrance located on Dorotheenstraße 56, diagonally opposite the Maritim Hotel.


Doorbell parking garage Landpoint Corporate Finance GmbH

At the entrance there is a touchscreen. Please select “Seite 2/3” and touch the Landpoint-logo to connect to our reception. Once the garage door has been opened please pick up your parking ticket from the ticket dispenser located in front of the barrier. The parking ticket will be validated in our office.


Parking space no. 1160

The entrance to Georgenstraße 24 is located on the 2nd lower level on the left, marked with a big blue “24”. You can use any parking space near by.


Entrance No. 24

At the entrance to number 24 there is another bell. Please follow the hallway until you reach the elevators. Our offices are located on the second floor.